Our Rooms

In our Baby Room we have highly experienced staff whose priority is to follow the home routine of each baby as closely as possible (Staff Ratio 1:3). We have a spacious play area that allows for sleeping and has a separate space for non-mobile babies. We also have several sheltered areas within our gardens where our babies can have access to fresh air in all weather conditions.
We are an all-inclusive nursery and so we provide nappies and milk.  We are also a breast feeding friendly nursery and will support mothers returning to work who still wish to breast feed. Our staff are trained in the storage and use of breast milk and we welcome you visiting to feed during the day where possible.

Daily diaries are provided to inform you about meals, sleep times, and any achievements/activities that have taken place that day. Each baby will have their own learning journal which will stay with them until they move onto the next room where they will begin a new learning journal. Termly parent’s evenings are encouraged, these are a great opportunity to discuss current development and future goals.

We are proud to provide a variety of stimulating activities both indoor and out in a caring and friendly environment to promote your baby’s all round development with a focus on Personal, Social & Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication & Language. The children also have access to a dedicated Physical Development Room.

Children in our Toddler Room are cared for under the supervision of qualified and experienced staff (Staff Ratio 1:3). An extensive range of quality toys and activities are provided for the continuing development of your child.

In our Toddler Room we adopt a more challenging and varied approach to the day. We facilitate activities such as painting, sand and water play, music, physical activity and much more. This may sound a little complicated for young children but it is possible for an eighteen-month-old child to play with sand and water or create a mini masterpiece with paint.  Our children also have daily access to our dedicated Physical Development Room. We employ a huge emphasis on outdoor play and our impressive gardens encourage exploration and adventure.

Diaries are provided to inform you about meals, sleep times, and any achievements or activities that have taken place that day. Each toddler will have their own learning journal which will stay with them until they move onto the next room where they will begin a new learning journal. Termly parent’s evenings are encouraged, these are a great opportunity to discuss current development and future goals.

After the Toddler room, we will look to move your child to our Pre-school 1 Room. This should happen when your child is approximately 24-30 months old. We will discuss the transition process with you before any room changes happen. In the Pre-school 1 room children are cared for under the supervision of experienced staff (Staff Ratio 1:4).

The Pre-school 1 Room provides a more structured day with a great choice of learning opportunities including arts and crafts, construction activities, table top games, role play areas and much more. We will also introduce early numeracy, literacy skills and activities designed to develop your child’s communication and concentration skills. At this point, along with your child’s interest’s all 7 areas of learning and development are at the center of our continuous provision and planned activities. Our children also have daily access to the dedicated Physical Development Room.

Each day children spend time in our outdoor area, with direct access and the luxury of outdoor toilets, the children can truly make the most of the wonderful space we have.

Holyrood Nursery is recognised as a preschool center by the Education Department. As with all our children aged 0-5 years our Pre-school 2 children will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (Staff Ratio 1:8). Your child will progress to the Pre-school 2 room at around 36-42 months and will remain here until they are ready to transition to school.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that when children leave our nursery to move on to school they do so confidently and independently, whilst taking with them the enjoyment of learning and a pride in their achievements. We strive for your child to be able to have the following skills when leaving our nursery: recognizing and writing their own name, demonstrating good observational skills, showing preliminary reading skills, able to confidently control a pencil, showing creative skills and knowledge of numbers. Aside from these academic skills, first and foremost we believe that all children should be given opportunities to be imaginative, play, have confidence to voice their opinions and form relationships with their peers but most of all have FUN in a safe and stimulating environment.

Our nursery is proud to be a Forest School where a large part of Pre-school play and learning takes place in our outdoor area.  From nature areas, growing our own crops, animals, construction and a fire pit to name a few, we feel that we are offering our children the opportunity to engage with the rich natural diversity of the natural outdoor environment to help build confidence, sensitivity, resilience and curiosity. 

We love to get outside at Holyrood Astley! Our extensive outdoor area is comprised of several very exciting spaces that promote children’s natural desire to explore, investigate and take risks under the supervision of skillful practitioners. Inspirational features that add to the interest of the garden include; a treehouse, a gravel pit, an allotment, a bug hotel, a pond, a fire pit, an outdoor classroom and a bird watching hut. We even encourage our children to help grow their own veggies in our vegetable patch whenever possible

Our Breakfast, After School Club and Holiday Club is available for 16 children aged 4-11 years and is open at 7.30 -  6pm. Our Breakfast and Afterschool Club caters for St Ambrose Barlow and St Stephens Primary Schools in Astley. Our Holiday Club runs throughout the School holidays. 

We provide a selection of cereals and toast for breakfast and a snack for tea when the children have been collected from school. Please see our nursery menu for more information. During Holidays we provide children with a hot cooked lunch time and snacks.

Our Out of School Care area has been designed as a cool and stylish place to be, as requested by our children.  We have a comfy area with giant bean bags and sofas where the children can relax, read, play on the Xbox or the Nintendo Wii, or play one of our many board games. We have a PC for the children to complete their homework, surf the web (age restrictions in place) or upload and print some of the many photographs they like to take. 

Activities are planned with our children’s input to ensure we keep their interests as the main focus. Examples include:

  • Baking and preparing snacks such as biscuits, smoothies, cornflake cakes, pizza to apple pie
  • Fruit picking from our own garden
  • Planting and tending to plants and veges in our garden 
  • A trip out to see the horses
  • Karaoke competition
  • Music - Keyboard and guitar
  • Photo collage
  • Arts and crafts for events such as Halloween, Diwali, etc.
  • Foosball
  • Hunting for bugs

Please contact us to learn more about our Out of School Care services.